Gelatorino 100% Naturel

Our aim is nothing less than top quality !

Our mission is a total quality process, through the entire prooduction process: starting from the selection of the highest ingredients and raw materials terminating with the creation of the creamiest gelato troght the process call “matencazione”.

Our expertise guarantee the best quality gelato !
Why? let’s discover out 3 secrets….

Gelatorino 100% Naturel
Our process and expertise guarantee the best quality ice cream !

1. Top quality

The first secret to top quality gelato is quality raw materials. Turin and the Piedmont region are the home of the Slow Food movement. . We use only top quality, certified ingredients such as IGP hazelnuts, Bronte IGP pistachios and chocolate Arriba. You will notice the natural colour and consistency of our gelato : we don’t use preservatives, colours or artifical thickers and we will never do ! We serve with a spatula, not a 'scoop', because naturally-made gelato doesn’t form hard mounds, just gentle creamy waves !

2. Experience

Our second secret is the process called 'mantecazione' This means the gradual texturing of the gelato as it is mixed to the perfect velvety consistency. There should be no ice-crystals, just perfect, smooth gelato. In Italy, artisanal gelato is made in old-fashioned machines such as those in our shops. These machines require special training and hard work for our gelatai, but we think you'll agree the smooth, light and velvety mouthfeel is worth the effort !

3. Conservation

The third secret of top quality gelato is conservation. In Torino and the Piemonte region, gelaterie were also known as 'cremerie'. The gelato was preserved in rows of 'pozzetti' covered refrigerated wells. We too have chosen to use 'pozzetti' so that the structure of our gelato - based on a small number of fresh ingredients can be maintained. Gelato in open display cases deteriorates from the minute it is put out, and is kept attractive with thickeners and colours. We rely only on taste !