Eco friendly

We care about the environment and your health !

In our research for ingredients and materials, we looked for non polluting materials : where it is possible we use biodegradable consumptions materials and reusable bags.
Our ingredients are natural : we don’t use any chimicals , colourings or conservatives and we will never do it !
Our ingredients ? Milk and fresh cream, sugar and only the best raw materials !
Our sorbets are made with fresh fruit, for this reason they are all “vegan ok” !

- We use non-polluting materials where possible and only natural ingredients.
- No artifical or chemicals ingredients or colourings !
- Our sorbets are just made with fresh fruit and our gelato is made with fresh milk and cream !

100% biodegradable gelato cups and spoons

Our cups and spoons are certified ok compost and vincotte.

Biodegradable & reusable shopping bags

Our clients receive paper bags, which can be reused for other pourposes.

We carefully select our suppliers

The origin of the ingredients is a fondamental value for our company. We only select serious,, high quality and certified suppliers.