Welcome to GELATORINO, the Real Gelato Experience !

Gelatorino is not just another Italian Gelateria. Our aim is to bring to life the whole gelato experience – its traditions, flavours and textures - and for you to see these blended before your eyes into a divinely smooth premium gelato.

In Gelatorino, the gelato is made right in front of you, on the premises, all day, everyday. By choosing to use the oldest artisanal ice-cream-making machines from Italy, we guarantee a real treat – for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Stop by one of our shops and see our skilled ‘maestri’ working with these traditional machines and you will understand that the formula for the best Italian gelato is simple.

  • Top quality ingredients from the regions of Italy
  • A skilled ‘gelataio’ (ice-cream maker) who understands how to blend and combine ingredients
  • Authentic traditional gelato machines
Gelatorino Gelatorino Gelatorino

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